Mission Statement:

Our Entire Team is here for YOU!  Our commitment is to surpass your expectations by listening to and understanding your needs and by providing quality solutions.

At Amirage we have a Team Culture. Team Culture for you means that we will share our talents to help you grow. We offer extensive training and skill certification in every area of our salon and spa. We have a growth plan and the systems in place to help you and the entire TEAM to succeed.

Amirage TEAM Members Enjoy:
  • Steady Paychecks
  • Consistent Hours
  • Career Growth Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Education
  • Team Goals & Bonuses
  • Paid Time Off
  • Simple IRA
  • A TEAM to help you to grow and succeed.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent choices and consistency.   

Team Testimonials:

Hello!  My name is Karla Burgstahler and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for Amirage Salon, Day Spa & Hair Loss Center for 19 years.  I really enjoy working with a "team" atmosphere!  The "team" atmosphere is having each other's back, doing what is best for the guests, having more available times to get guests in, and not feel like you are overwhelmed with a heavy work load all of the time.  The women here are great to work with; the work schedule is flexible if you need to have time off for vacation, family emergencies, and the like.  Carole and Barb are great to work for, as they communicate well with the team, have great business sense, and are always doing their best to keep up with the upcoming trends in hair care and massage both!  The nice thing about being here is that once you have trust with us, and we trust you, the world is your oyster!  You can do your "own" thing within reason as far as where you want to specialize in your career!  I love the flexibility, the empowerment to do the right thing for the guest, the trust that we have in one another here, and the ability to continue with my education to stay on the cutting edge of my career!  I love my team, my guests, and my job!  Come join us!

My name is Heather Marsh and I just celebrated my 12 year anniversary with Amirage.  That says a lot!  I love working here because this salon and its clients are like a family.  They have helped me grow and learn as a fresh graduate starting here.  Amirage's team atmosphere makes for a pleasant work space, knowing your co-workers have your back.  We all work for the same goal.  "Happy guests and a successful salon!"

Hi! My name is Krista Walen and I love this salon so much this is my second time working here at Amirage.  The only reason I left the first time was so that I could raise my kiddos.  Now that they are school aged, I work here part-time while they are at school.  It is wonderful because I can drop them off at school and pick them up every day.  Another reason that I love it here is the team culture that we have.  Whether it is helping me with daily salon duties, to helping bring my ideas for makeup workshops to life, I know that I can count on my team to have my back.  I have never worked with such an amazing group of women who not only inspire me daily but genuinely care and want to see each other succeed.  These values also apply to our Amirage guests.  We are very fortunate to have amazing guests that make our jobs so much more enjoyable.  For me, my job isn't really a job.  It's a passion that I get to fulfill every time I step through the front door.  It's a way for me to express my creativity.  It's a way where I could make a small difference in someone's life by just being a good listener.  It's all these things and so much more!

My name is Kati Weber, I'm an esthetician, and I chose to work at Amirage because of their team based philosophy, warm and friendly demeanor, and of course for the love of what I do.  From the moment I stepped through their doors, everyone instantly welcomed me with open arms.  Anyone who visits Amirage can feel the fun energy that the entire staff gives off to create such a warm and friendly environment.  Being here, it is easy to tell that the team and management care about each other and the services that they provide.  They do this by lending a helping hand and provide training when necessary to make yourself the most successful you!  If you love being a part of a workplace that feels like family, Amirage could be right up your alley!

Hi, my name is Carole Nauman and I am one of the owners.  I have spent time working in a variety of salon operations.  I always felt there should be a better way of running a salon.  So we started Coaching with Strategies Consulting and it was a game changer!  We now have a True Team.  Our Team knows that it is all about Guest Retention.  The best way to maintain retention is to serve the Guest as a Team.  The Guests have the attention of many service providers and love the experience they receive here at Amirage.

I LOVE my career!  Hi, I'm Barb Hohmann.  I've been part of Amirage since 1997 and have seen a lot of changes in that time for both fashion and how we do business.  I feel blessed to work as part of a Team that always puts the guests first.  I can trust my fellow Team Members to help out or even take over if needed for the benefit of our guests.  The guests love it too!  They get to know everybody and are very comfortable with all of our team members.  For the team, it means you can take vacation, be off work for family medical leave, etc... Your career and paycheck is still intact.  You don't need to start all over again.  For our guests it means they can have the service they want when it is convenient to them.                                                                         TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!

Please take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you embrace and value TEAM?
  • Is your work schedule flexible?
  • Would you be willing to comply with Amirage enhancement policies?
  • Would you be willing to help fulfill the Amirage Mission?
  • Do you enjoy working with the public?
  • Would you be willing to comply with Amirage code of ethics?
  • Do you see an opportunity for growth with Amirage?
  • Do you value punctuality?
  • Would you like to be considered for an interview?

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