How can I have a smooth hairstyle without my hair being flat?
Start by preparing your hair with a shampoo and daily conditioner formulated for your hair type. Apply Amirage Elixer 11 throughout your hair and comb through for even distribution.  Apply Amirage Boosting Mousse to the root areas where you want extra lift and volume and massage in with your finger tips. Next apply Amirage Volume Infusion to the mid shaft and ends of your hair. Again, comb the product through for an even distribution of product. Using a Denman brush and blow dryer, start at the top, where you want the volume. Brush your hair the opposite direction that it will be worn while drying. Starting at the scalp, direct the air from the roots to the ends. This will create the added lift while providing smoothness and extra shine. When dry, bend over to tip your head upside-down and spray lightly with Amirage Designer Shaping Hair Spray. This will add support throughout your style. In an upright position, comb hair in the desired style. Lightly mist with more Designer Shaping hair spray as needed.  *If you have luscious thick locks that are time consuming to dry, try Amirage Brilliance, our blow dry accelerator.  Brilliance will speed up the blow dry while adding shine and protection.
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What makes beautiful hair to you?
“Long and shiny, well groomed, neat, flowing hair is beautiful, attractive hair. Like my wife’s when I first met her.” -Rob, experiencing male pattern baldness, 63 years old.

“I envy any woman who is lucky enough to have a full head of hair. For me, that’s all the beauty I would ask for.” –Sara, experiencing acute female pattern baldness, 26 years old.

There are a lot of different ways you can treat hair loss. You can treat the scalp with products designed to help stimulate growth and promote health of the scalp. You can style existing hair differently to cover a loss in a way that can make you feel more comfortable. You can duplicate the look—the shine, color, texture, frame, and growth—of lost hair with a substitute: replacement hair. A world of options awaits. It may seem like a fairy tale to a person experiencing hair loss when the best answer to their hair concerns is discovered, because the results can be magical.

I have never left a salon feeling that I got the haircut that I asked for. What should I do?
All your salon and spa services should start with a consultation. Bringing a picture is great; it helps to narrow communication gaps. For hair styles there are many considerations. Today’s fashion and trends are only part of the equation. What you have to contribute is vital; face shape, hair texture, density and growth direction. Also, your life style and how much time you want to spend on your hair each day. These factors will provide you and your designer with the possibilities and limitations that are unique to you. Part of your salon experience needs to include education. You could struggle even with a great haircut if you have not been taught how to recreate the look at home. Color, texture services, professional products and tools can provide more options and make your desired result easier to achieve, saving you time and frustration.

Alopecia areata is a highly unpredictable, autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and / or body. This common but very challenging disease affects more than 5 million people in the United States. In alopecia areata, the affected hair follicles are mistakenly attacked by a person's own immune system (white blood cells), resulting in the arrest of the hair growth stage. It usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth bald patches on the scalp and can progress to total scalp hair loss (alopecia totalis) or complete body hair loss (alopecia universalis).

Alopecia areata occurs in males and females of all ages and races; however, onset most often begins in childhood and can be psychologically devastating. Although not life-threatening, it is most certainly life-altering, and its sudden onset, recurrent episodes, and unpredictable course have a profound psychological impact on the lives of those disrupted by this disease. Some people are genetically predisposed to develop alopecia areata and that a trigger, such as a virus or something else in the environment, sets off the condition. With alopecia areata, your hair generally grows back, but you may lose and regrow your hair a number of times.

(Male) Pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), the most common type of alopecia, affects roughly one-third of men and women. It is typically permanent. Having androgenetic alopecia may mean you experience hair loss as early as during your teen years. For men, this type of baldness is typically characterized by hair loss that begins at the temples and crown. The end result may be partial or complete baldness. Women with androgenetic alopecia usually have hair loss limited to thinning at the front, sides or crown. Complete baldness rarely occurs in women. Heredity increases your risk, affects the age at which you begin to lose hair and the developmental speed, pattern and extent of your baldness.

Baldness, whether permanent or temporary, can't be cured. But treatments are available to help promote hair growth or hide hair loss. For some types of alopecia, hair may resume growth without any treatment. For non-surgical treatments, there are many high quality custom fitted wigs and hair replacement systems available.

Are perms really coming back?
Yes. The trend is moving towards a softer, more feminine look. Perms can be for just texture and movment to support the desired look. This allows for a lot of versatillity, straight one day and curls the next.

Is it really important to use professional shampoo?
YES! At Amirage we prescribe the shampoo and conditioner that is best suited for the result you are trying to achieve. The correct shampoo and conditioner will help to prepare the hair. For example; if you have naturally curly hair, we could prescribe Amirage Argan Anti-Frizz shampoo and its companion , Intense Anti-Frizz Conditioner. This regimen will give natural or permed curls more spring and elasticity, help to control unwanted frizz, hydration, protection and  shine.       The finished result starts at the beginning.

My eyebrows are invisible.  HELP!
Perhaps you could benefit from our brow tinting service. We use a special color designed specifically to be safe and gentle for the eye area. We choose a color for your brows that compliments your hair color. Once the color is applied, it needs to process for 5-15 minutes, depending on the desired result. The color will last 4-6 weeks and cost $19.00.
Eyelashes take 15 minutes to process. This will not make the hair thicker or longer, it will simply darken what you already have. Brow and lash coloring is a great way to enhance your features, especially if you are very active, wearing little or no makeup. Eyelash coloring is also $19.00 and lasts 4-6 weeks.

How can I choose right color of foundation?
We use, LOVE, and sell Mirabella cosmetics.  Mirabella has based its foundation shades on the Fitzpatrick System.  Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick of Harvard University created a world renowned level system for skin tones based upon heritage and tolerance to sunlight.  By utilizing this system we can always meet your foundation match.

My eye shadow always falls onto my cheeks when I put it on, what can I do?
Try putting a bit more translucent powder on your cheeks and under the eye area. Any fall off eye colors will land here and be easily whisked away with your powder brush.  The right tools, such as brushes and the technique used with them also make a difference.  We also offer cosmetic lessons.  Our lessons take a full hour.  We will teach you start to finish with your cosmetic application.  We customize the lesson to suite your skin, face shape and lifestyle and focus on what you need most.

A Key to Better Health and Longevity
How would you like to look, feel, and sleep better, while increasing your longevity? Are you looking for the ultimate in relaxation as well as detoxification? Then read on…

The key to a new and improved you is a technique called lymphatic drainage (pronounced like massage). This is a very gentle technique in which the health care provider works specifically with the lymphatic system. Gentle pressure is required due to the fact that lymphatic vessels are very, very, fragile, and collapse easily under firmer pressure or touch. Gentle pressure and touch allows the body to go from a very nervous and stressed state to one that promotes relaxation throughout the body. So, even if you like deep massage, you will benefit just as much, if not more, with lymphatic drainage.

Next, some of the benefits of lymphatic drainage are: pain relief from fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, muscle spasms, eye dryness, edema (swelling) due to injury, skin disorders such as acne, and rosacea, cosmetic purposes such as bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and cellulite, as well as irritable bowel syndrome, stress, fatigue, and list goes on and on.

Thirdly, the practioner may request that you do the following before a lymphatic drainage session. These are imperative to help with proper detoxification of the body. Therefore, a couple of days before your session you should eat foods that are “light”. This includes salads, raw fruits and vegetables, no overcooked or greasy foods, no alcohol or caffeine, increase your water and fruit juices and etc.

Next, the effects on the body during a lymphatic drainage session are as follows: the caregiver uses very light pressure in areas of lymph vessels and nodes to stimulate the lymphatic system. By jumpstarting the lymphatic system and encouraging movement of this system, it moves toxins out of the tissue space. Whenever you have the movement of toxins from an area, you are cleaning the area out and allowing for fresh, new, lymph to then nourish the area. Whenever you have an introduction of new lymph to an area, you are bringing with it more cells to kill off bacteria, viruses, etc. and also promote better healing of the area. By introducing more white blood cells in the area to kill bacteria or virus, the better your immunity will be overall. By cleansing the immune system and detoxifying the body, it will keep you on top of any new bacteria or viruses that may have invaded your body. Therefore, you stay on top of the problem, and stop it before it starts.

Another effect of lymphatic drainage is that it helps with flare-ups in different diseases or disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In cases such as fibromyalgia, most flare-ups occur due to a variety of different reasons, such as stress, diet, toxins in the body, and the overall health of the individual. When toxins are cleaned out the areas of concern, the muscles in that particular area, don’t seem to spasm as much, or have the burning sensation that it would have had earlier. This gives the client much needed pain relief, and an overall sense of well-being. By having lymphatic drainage done, it helps in a couple of different areas 1) you decrease the toxin load of the client to help reduce flare ups, and 2) stress is reduced, and this helps to promote self healing. When pain and discomfort are reduced, ones outlook on life looks better. You may even see an improvement in attitude on life.

Next, some of the possible reactions that you may experience after a lymphatic drainage session include: slight nausea, muscle aches, tiredness, or sluggishness, some feel energized, have improved memory, sense of taste & smell, & an improved visual perception of distance and color. It is imperative that you drink plenty of water during this phase to receive the full benefit of the session.

On the other hand some people may even feel like nothing has happened. The results of lymphatic drainage may be very, very subtle or they could be very obvious to you. This is the time when you really need to be focused on how you are feeling in order to see what benefits you have received from lymphatic work. Everyone should be able to see improvement somewhere. You just have to stay focused and allow your body to let you see and feel the improvements.

Finally, the body itself is much like a machine. The cleaner it is, the better it will run for you. Therefore, it is very important to allow the body to be cleansed and detoxified to allow different areas of the body to heal properly. When the body is running clean and smooth, you will notice a change in how you feel, and life will be a lot better as we journey on.

I have never had a pedicure. I am embarased of my callouses. What can I do?
This is more common than you know.  Gently using a foot file or pumice stone after bathing is the best time to reduce callous build up.   Starting with a pedicure would be advantagous for you.  One of our nail experts can get you moving in the right direction with home care products..

MASKNE: Yes, it is real?

BUT we are here to help.

Covid-19 blues? 

Starting to notice some changes on your skin where you wear your mask?

Have you experienced any of following since we have had to *mask up*? 

  • breakouts
  • dryness/flaking
  • oily skin/clogged pores
  • redness/irritation
  • rosacea 
  • inflammation
  • blackheads/whiteheads

The year is 2020 & also the era of the face mask. We've all, at some point or another, had to wear one (or at least should be). Whether it is venturing out to the store or heading into work every day. Maybe a few of us have noticed some less-than-stellar changes in our skin, especially where the mask covers and sits on the face. Every time we are talking, exhaling, sneezing, coughing, etc. we are exposing our skin covered by the mask & filling the masks with elevated levels of CO2, humidity, and moisture droplets containing bacteria/microorganisms from the respiratory system. All of this continues to buildup in the area where the mask covers causing the skins natural pH to change, therefore changing the way the skin functions. Also, the constant rubbing & friction of the masks against our skin and hair follicles causes micro-tears, allowing easier entry for bacteria, dirt, & debris to clog up our pores. All of which, is a recipe for skin disaster!!

So, what can we do to help?

Well, for starters, WASH THAT MASK!!! Some of us may be unaware that we are able to wash our masks, but we should be doing this EVERY DAY. Whenever we wear our masks, they are exposed to the outside environment! Our masks can buildup just as much (if not more) dirt, debris, bacteria, makeup, etc. than our skins surface. Washing our masks by hand with soapy hot water or machine washing on delicate cycle with fragrance free detergent is super important! Another option is disposable masks, these need to be disposed of & replaced every day or every shift. 

I already do this, so what now?!

Get a skincare regimen in place!


CLEANSE: Finding the correct cleanser for your skin type is vital in skincare. A good cleanser can help dramatically by balancing the skins pH, washing away excess makeup, dirt, oils, pollution, & dead skin cells built up on the skins surface. We should be cleansing our face twice daily, once in the morning & once at night. (Flash Foam Cleanser / Moisture Positive Cleanser / Decongestant Cleanser)

EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating is essential to the skin's health since this is the most effective way to remove dead skin cells and unclog any impurities that may have built up in the pores, revealing fresh new skin cells. Exfoliating can also improve the effectiveness of topical skincare products by enhancing absorption. (Measured Micrograins / Pumice Peel) 


TONE: Toners are the bridge between steps. A toner removes any last traces of dirt, grime and impurities still stuck in the pores after cleansing while aiding in strengthening and nourishing the skin. Toner also helps balance the skins PH, therefore helping it to function properly. Most importantly, toner prepares the skin for the next step. (Equalizer / Power Peptide)

HYDRATE: Many of us consider hydration the same as moisturization, but in fact they are completely different yet both essential to skin health. To hydrate the skin means increasing the amount of water in your skin cells, which results in a healthy, smooth, plump complexion. Although drinking lots of water can help, topical hydrators are a must for the perfect hydration /moisture balance, especially in dryer skin types. (Create Firm, Recovery Serum, Moisture x 10)


MOISTURIZE: Moisturizing is important in restoring & protecting the skins barrier. The skin barrier is the outer most layer of skin cells and is important since it protects from external threats such as chemicals, pollution, & water loss. Protecting your skins barrier can help to reduce redness, irritation, dryness & dehydration. All skin types need moisturization to maintain the skin barrier, you just need to find one for your skin type. Dryer skin types benefit from thick cream moisturizers, while oily skin & acne-prone types benefit from light-weight gel moisturizers (look for oil-free). Normal to combination skin types benefit from light-weight lotion moisturizers. (Absolute Moisture / Crucial Moisture / Beyond Hydration)

PROTECT: Protecting the skin is crucial to our health & well-being. The sun does more damage & causes more skin problems than what we are aware of. 90% of visible changes we see in the skin attribute to the sun. Overexposure to the sun can change the skins texture and weaken its elasticity causing premature wrinkling, sags and bags, easier bruising, dark spots, leathery skin, lowered immune system or even skin cancer. (Raydefense / SPF 50 FaceScreen)

So, what about summer 2020 trends?

Say Hello to MASK MAKEUP! 

Just as fast as contouring and highlighting came into the makeup game, Covid19 is pushing them out even faster! Goodbye cheekbones, hello brilliantly bold eyes! Since makeup is more likely to clog pores & cause breakouts, skip the extra concealer, foundation, contouring and highlighting & focus on those eyes! They are pretty much the only part of the face that can be seen, so doll them up with mascara, eyeliner, or even some eye shadow for a pop of color! The sky is the limit with this trend! Go big & bold or be subtle & sweet whichever floats your boat or trips your trigger!

*Our skin care specialists utilize a magnification lamp and a woods lamp to see beyond the surface of your skin.  This aids in finding underlying issues, as well as, sun damage, clogged pores, and dehydration.

*Need help making those eyes pop?  We are here for you. We will help you to find the colors, techniques, and tools to suit your comfort level and desired looks.

*Call 563-582-8832 to set up a complimentary skin analysis or an eye makeover. 

Is overnight skin care important?
You should cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. In the morning your skin care regimen refreshes and prepares your skin for make up. Overnight, your skin regenerates. Its oil production drops, and natural antioxidant levels increase. And its hydro lipid barrier (the part that holds in moisture and prevents any loss) weakens. All of these changes mean that the products you apply at night will penetrate better than they would during the day. Night is the perfect time for special high-performance products. Stop in at Amirage to have one of our qualified team members give you a personal skin assessment and product prescription. The result – beautiful skin!

How often should I get a facial?
The skin cells rejuvenate and reach the skin's surface about every 28 days. Monthly facials are ideal for deep cleansing of the pores and to exfoliate dead dry skin cells. Our experts at Amirage will custom blend the treatment room products for optimum benefit of your skin, as well as, prescribe the appropiate home care program for you.

Can Glycolic treatments really reduce wrinkles?
Yes! Our Glycolic treatments exfoliate the old, dead, dry skin cells breaking up the cellular glue at a faster rate. When the old skin is removed the new skin cells will come to the surface faster stimulating collogen production, revealing refreshed skin that is smoother and firmer. Glycolic will also even out skin tone and reduce scaring, also great for acne.

What are body treatments?
We offer several different body treatments. Body treatments are used for many different reasons; to energize, relax, exfoliate, reduce cellulite, increase metabolism, getting a tan with out the harmful effects of the sun, and to moisturize and nourish the skin.